Right, that’s IT!

People always say “take one day at a time” and “don’t try and do everything all at once”. But FUCK THAT!!! I am very much an “all or nothing” girl. Today I have decided that I AM NEVER DRINKING AGAIN. Also I am going to do the Marathon des Sables next year. That should keep me occupied.  Moderating my drinking it just bloody exhausting. And pointless. When I am not drinking, I am thinking about drinking. On those two occasions where I successfully stopped drinking for a prolonged period (at least six months) I had decided to stop forever. And that kept me going. I stopped thinking about it which made it way easier than moderating, when I constantly think about it.

In the spirit of all or nothing, I can’t run more than 2k at the moment and feel terribly unfit. And the weight is creeping up again. Surely having such a ridiculous goal will keep me motivated to run on a regular basis and be a little healthier?

Anyway, here we go again…


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