Day One!

OK so every day is Day One. I have not had a drink today and hope not to have one for the remaining few hours before I go to bed.

I was so unbearably horrible last weekend to my husband that I broke down in tears the following day and didn’t drink for three days. Broke last night as I was SO TENSE after three days without wine.

Last week the I confessed all to the doctor told me a) I should not be driving if I’m drinking a bottle of wine a day and b) not to stop drinking completely in case I have a seizure! But having one glass just makes it worse. I am better off not having anything. He gave me a number to call for some counselling and group work. I will try this, or will go back to AA again. it really is hard white knuckling this.

Every morning I wake up determined not to drink and every night I go to bed drunk.


One thought on “Day One!

  1. Boy, oh boy, do I know how you feel! I used to think that my car was on autopilot, driving to the store to buy booze, even when I knew that I didn’t want to drink! I had so many Day 1’s before my last drink two and a half years ago.
    Your doctor is right, it’s dangerous to just abruptly stop drinking when your body is used to the alcohol. Have you thought about a medical detox? That way you can safely stop and be supervised and medicated to prevent any dangerous side effects. It would take the pressure of “weaning” off of you and give you a fresh, sober start.
    Stay the course…a sober life is so much better than you think! 🙂

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